Public Speaking

Write down main points, sub points and certain exact phrases you think are powerful. However, if you stick too much to a script it will come off as less persuasive. Why should the audience care to remember your speech if you don’t even remember it while giving it?

That being said, the way to handle a speaking engagement is to memorize the ideas, not the words

However, if you must read from a sheet of paper, when delivering a speech, print it and change the text color every four lines to keep your place.

What to Say?

Author Ramit Sethi explains this method:

This storytelling framework has three parts: situation, obstacle, and solution. It’s perfect for telling stories about “challenges” you faced.

Using this technique to craft your story helps you create a compelling narrative because obstacles naturally evoke powerful emotions. This framework also forces you clarify what your beginning, middle, and end are, giving you a cohesive and clear story. This S.O.S. framework can also be adapted to both social and professional situations.



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