Dressing Well

Use a military tuck



A. The Rules

1. Look as tall as you can.

This is easily achieved by making your legs look as long as possible and by following rules two & three.

  • Your legs make you look taller so by using DARK jeans/trousers/chinos/slacks on your legs you’re using the oldest trick in the book; dark colours = slimming = taller.
  • Use dark coloured socks and shoes to make your legs look longer. EXAMPLE: If you were to use dark jeans and light shoes, you’re creating a ‘visual break’ from head to toe.
  • Match the colour of your shoes to your belt or wear no belt at all. A belt is a horizontal line across your middle, if you have a wide middle you don’t want to put a horizontal line across that will draw unnecessary attention.
  • Match the ‘scale’ of your shoes to the ‘width’ of your trousers. For example, if you wear slim fit trousers, wear slim fit shoes.
  • If you’re a big fellah you will suit wide leg trousers, so your shoes should be slightly wider too – not pointy toe winkle pickers old chap

2. Maintain a slim or shaped waist.

  • A slimmer waist helps you achieve rule number three.
  • Whatever you wear around your waist should ‘hug’ your waist. If its baggy then you look baggy, if it’s too tight, you look too fat. If it just hugs you, you feel all nice and comfy and well fitted.
  • Garments with buttons on allow you to create a waist shape – blazers/ suit jackets/ cardigans/ waistcoats can all be used to slim down your waist line. Never button all the buttons on the garment, only button the ones that create a slim waist. For example, on a waist coat or cardigan it’s a good idea to leave the bottom button open. This is because you create a little upside down v shape by your waist helping the legs look longer and the waist narrower.

3. Make your shoulders look wider than your waist

  • Wide shoulders are a very masculine quality and keep attention focused at the upper end of your body
  • Wear a light colour under a darker garment. A white/light blue/ pink shirt under a dark garments such as a V-neck jumper or cardigan helps create wider shoulders – this is because the shape of the dark garment over the lighter coloured garment creates a natural V shape on the chest area – visually the shoulders look wider and the waist slimmer.
  • A V neck on any garment slims the neck, face and chest. Visually, if your neck and head appear slimmer, your shoulders appear wider.
  • Make sure that the shoulder seams on the shirts/t-shirt/jumper/ whatever you wear on top hit the very end (crown) of your shoulders. This maximises the width of your shoulders.

4. Wear clothes that fit

4.1. Shoulder seams

This is where the arm of a garment joins the main body at the shoulder. You need to make sure that where this seam falls is exactly at the end of your shoulder, this will help to make your shoulders appear as wide as they can.

This is such a common thing that guys fail to pick up on. The garment that seems to be the main offender is shirts, drooping shoulders or a tight fit are the result of badly fitted shoulder seems.

If the seams fall off your shoulder then the garment will look way too big for you, if it comes up your shoulder towards your neck, it will look too tight.

The shoulder seam should extend to the end of the shoulder, not any further. If it extends past the end of your shoulder, then the shirt is too big. (Models by Mark Manson)

4.2. Sleeves

Too baggy, too short or too long and you’ll look way out of proportion. A good place for a sleeve to fall is around the top of your hand, this is so that when you move about the cuff doesn’t ride up your arm. If you’re wearing a suit or a blazer the cuff wont disappear under the jacket.

4.3. Trouser/ jeans/ chino hems

The hem of a trouser is where it finishes at the ankles. The best place for the hem to finish is half way down the heel of your shoe. This rule applies because it helps the legs to look as long as possible, helping you look taller and this is a mistake that so many men make.

The bottom of your pants or jeans should rest gently on the top of your shoes (unless you have a specific brand – rocker or hip hop jeans). If you’re stepping on the back of your pants with the heel of your shoe, they’re too long. If your jeans are raising up to expose your socks when you walk, they’re too short. (Models by Mark Manson)

5. Match

6. Choose the Right Colours

6.1. Choose good colors for your skin tone.

B. Creating a Wardrobe

1. Accessories

These are the absolute quickest way to look more stylish (Models by Mark Manson)

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