• Chopsticks are shaped pairs of equal length sticks that have been used as the traditional ancient culinary utensils in virtually all of the East Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan for over six thousand years. [Wikipedia]
  • When eating rice from a bowl, it is normal to hold the rice bowl up to one’s mouth and use chopsticks to push or shovel the rice directly into the mouth.
  • It is poor etiquette to tap chopsticks on the edge of one’s bowl; beggars make this sort of noise to attract attention.
  • It is impolite to spear food with a chopstick. Anything too difficult to be handled with chopsticks is traditionally eaten with a spoon.


Factoids To Sound Smart

  • Called “Kuai-Zi (quick little fellows)” in Mandarin.
  • The Japanese word for chopsticks is hashi.
  • Chopsticks hold an important place in Japanese Buddhist funerals. A pair of chopsticks stuck upright in a bowl of rice and placed on the alter is an offering to the spirit of a deceased relative. Virtually all bodies are cremated and family members participate using chopsticks to retrieve remaining bones transferring them to an urn. They do this in pairs, two people retrieving a bone piece together. Because of this it is taboo for two people to grab the same piece of food at the dinner table.

Source 2 

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