Overcoming Procrastination

1. Understanding Procrastination

2. Realise you are procrastinating and change mindset.

3. Building Tempo

  • There are going to be times in which you really have to get a paper, project, or assignment done and you’re really not feeling up for it. Maybe your brain has become distraction city, or everything on the internet is all of a sudden interesting. In these moments, to get that extra “push” of work done, everytime you feel the need or want to go do something, tell yourself, “I can’t ‘x’ until I do ‘one more page.'” The mental “trick” creates a reward out of nothing and helps curb procrastination.
    • Example: Problem: I really have to pee. Solution: I cannot pee until I finish two more paragraphs.
    • Example: Problem: I really want to get up and get a snack. Solution: I can’t get up to get a snack until I finished this problem.

Next time you find yourself thinking, “I do not have time for X.” Instead think “I am not making X a priority.” Then stop and see how it feels.

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