Rubik’s Cube


Solving the Rubik’s Cube is something that seems impressive but is actually pretty banal once you’ve learnt how to do it. It’s not smarts, it’s learning algorithms. It definitely becomes more difficult if you start doing in competitively or blindfolded etc., but normal solving is simple, as you will see.

Factoids To Sound Smart

  • Invented by the Hungarian architect, Ernő Rubik.
  • Originally, known as the magic cube.
  • It took him a month to figure out how to solve it.
  • There are over 43 quintillion possible configurations.
  • World Record is 5.55 seconds.

(The tutorial given below is one of the easiest ones for beginners with the simplest and least number of algorithms. If, however, you are uncomfortable with it, a simple Google / Youtube search should get you something else. Alternatively, you can check out the Reddit tutorial, linked at the end.)

Step 1: Make a Cross on the Top Layer

Step 2: Solve Top Layer Corners

Step 3: Solve the Second Layer

Step 4: Make a cross on the Bottom Layer

Step 5: Position the Bottom Cross

Step 6: Position the Bottom Corners

Step 7: Solve the Bottom Corners

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