Touch-typing or 10-finger typing is typing on a keyboard without the need to look at it, and doing it by sense alone.


Factoids To Sound Smart

  • The standard layout on a keyboard is known as the QWERTY keyboard. Many variations of the QWERTY keyboard exist, the most famous being Dvorak – which is considered by some to be more ergonomical as it contains the more commonly used letters in the English language in the home row.
  • The arrangement of all the letters on the QWERTY keyboard is an outcome of trying to minimize the getting stuck of the keys on a mechanical typewriter.

Step 1: Learn which finger goes where

Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice

  • It becomes very easy to fall back into the practice of typing whilst looking at the keyboard as initially without looking will feel very awkward, clunky and you’ll have to force yourself to remember where the keys are, but push through it and within a couple of weeks, you’ll be golden.

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