Warning: Palmistry is a pseudo-science. It is unscientific and is not real. This guide is for purely entertainment purposes and does not endorse Palmistry as a means of making meaningful decisions in your life.


  • It’s called “chiromancy” and not “palm-reading”.
  • The lines are called palmar flexion creases.
  • Learn the psychobabble, and say one bad thing coupled with two compliments, makes for the greatest “interpretation”. That’s all you need to do: pretend that it’s all scientific, and give three interpretations.
  • The minor hand shows what we are born with, and the major hand shows what we have done with it. [Source]

Factoids To Sound Smart

  • Human hands develop palmar creases in the womb at around the 12th week of gestation, and are present on a baby’s hand when he or she is born. When you clench your hand, palm lines provide an avenue for the hand’s skin to fold without bunching up and making it difficult to grab onto items. That may also be why there are strong creases where the bones in the fingers and thumb meet. [Source]


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