Google Calendar

The best approach is to respect your calendar, and to see it as your vision of an “ideal day”, and to put in your best effort to follow it – but to also recognise that sometimes thing crop up and you need to be flexible.


  • Preferably use Google Calendar as it is available on all platforms, syncs, is available offline and has integration with many services like Trello, IFTTT, Zapier, etc.

1. Work out what your calendars will be

A tried-and-tested classic approach is to break them up along the lines of areas of life. It would look something like this:

If you’re a fan of time tracking, you’ll recognize this alternative setup which lets you more accurately schedule in chunks of time in line with your time tracking categories:

Keep in mind also, that you can get granular within each category. For example, for “Work”, you can break down that particular calendar into multiple calendars – by department, by project, or by business requirement. As an example, at Asian Efficiency, we have 1 shared calendar that covers all company-wide events that involve everyone. Everyone also retains their own personal work calendar, which is attached their Google Apps account (but that’s for another article).

2. Set up your new calendars

The second step in color-coding and segmenting your calendars is simply to set up the segmentation.


  1. Know Your Shortcuts
  2. Use the Extra Fields
  3. Change Your Calendar’s Default Event Duration
  4. Strategic Alerts and Reminders
  5. Set Default Alerts for Events
  6. Import Your Favorite Subscriptions
  7. Add Additional Time Zones

Schedule & Set-Up Reminders

  1. Sleep
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Night Routine
  4. Weekly Review
  5. Monthly Review
  6. Annual Review
  7. Talking to friends, family, contacts
  8. Back-Up Day
  9. Re-assess values and life mission



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