Making Presentations

1. Draft your presentation before making the slides. Outlining helps you make sure you have a clear message for each slide, and removes the temptation to stuff each slide with too many words, or too many points.


2. Use simple layouts; Skip the stock template and create cleaner presentations by starting with a clean presentation and building from there.
3. Use a consistent colour scheme for slides, headings, charts. For example: the first bar/pie in the chart must always be blue, the second red and so on.
4. Use few (~5) colours
5. Make sure your charts present data in descending/ascending order.
6. Have clear titles and headings.
7. Cite sources on the slide and not in a compendium at the end.
8. Have only one key message per slide and present it in a yellow box or in the heading.
9. Have an Executive Summary slide. This could also double as the conclusion slide.
10. Have slide numbers.
11. Have a slide with the names/photos of the team-members.
12. Change colour/size for emphasis instead of bolding.
13. Do not use cliches.
14. Avoid bullet points as much as possible
15. Use Sans Serif Fonts

Tips & Tricks

16. Start with a date. It gets people thinking about how long ago it was, if they can guess what happened on that date, if it was in their lifetime, what were they doing back then. It is one of the few universal presentation openers that is almost guaranteed to engage your audience immediately.




18. Give handouts to the panel.
19. Have the team members introduce themselves.
20. Always speak in “we” and not “I”.
21. Mention the key takeaway from each slide.
22. Know thy numbers.





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