Address Book / Google Contacts

Fix Your Address Book / Google Contacts

  1. Disable Contact List Auto-Complete
  2. Find the Duplicates & Merge Them
  3. Delete the Spam addresses
  4. Exclude Google Plus Followers from Your List
  5. Fill out All the Fields for Each Contact
  6. Clean Up the Contact’s Name & Address


Group Your Contacts

1. By Category

For example you can group contacts into the following categories:

  • Tennis contacts
  • Golf contacts
  • Bowling contacts
  • Club contacts
  • Neighbor contacts
  • Friend John Smith’s friends
  • College friends
  • Spouse’s college friends
  • Business partner’s friends
  • Work associates and their families
  • Church/synagogue/mosque, or community contacts, etc.

Before any event in which you are likely to run into any of these people, refer to your contacts list.

2. By Frequency

  1. Call – Daily
  2. Call – Weekly
  3. Call – Monthly
  4. Text – Daily
  5. Text – Weekly
  6. Text – Monthly

Schedule Out Time For Your Contacts In Your Calendar

  • You might also consider putting a ‘direct-dial’ widget on a homescreen page of your phone along with a Habit Loop Checkmark as will be discussed in Habit Tracking.

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