Setting Up Your Trello

The Trello Boards you need to create:

  1. Planner & Getting Things Done (GTD)
  2. Bucket List
  3. Meal Planner

1. Planner & Getting Things Done (GTD)


GTD is an organizational system. It doesn’t put rules around how you actually do your work. Instead, it focuses on how you capture the work you need to do, organize it, and choose what needs your attention. At its core, GTD stands on five “pillars,” or steps to getting and staying organized:

  1. Capture everything. Your to-dos, your ideas, your recurring tasks, everything. Put it in a pen-and-paper notebook, a to-do app, a planner, whatever you prefer to use to get organized. GTD doesn’t say to use a specific tool, but whatever you use has to fit into your normal flow. The barrier to using it should be so low that there’s never a reason for you to say “I’ll add it to my list later.” You want to capture everything as soon as it happens so you don’t have to think about it again until it’s time to do it.

  2. Clarify the things you have to do. Don’t just write down “Plan vacation,”break it down into actionable steps so there’s no barrier to just doing the task. If there’s anything you can do right away and have time to do, get it done. If there’s anything you can delegate, delegate it. Here’s a helpful video where David Allen explains how to clarify your to-dos so they don’t require more time to figure out what you meant than it takes to actually do the thing you wanted to do.

  3. Organize those actionable items by category and priority. Assign due dates where you can, and set reminders so you follow up on them. Pay special attention to each item’s priority, as well. You’re not actually doing any of the items on your list right now, you’re just making sure they’re in the right buckets for later, and your reminders are set. In short, this is quality time with your to-do list, inbox, and calendar.

  4. Reflect on your to-do list. First, look over your to-dos to see what your next action should be. This is where the clarifying step pays off, because you should be able to pick something you have the time and the energy to do right away. If you see something that’s so vague that you know you won’t be able to just pick up and run with it, break it down. Second, give your to-do list an in-depth review periodically to see where you’re making progress, where you need to adjust your priorities, and determine how the system is working for you.

  5. Engage and get to work. Choose your next action and get to it. Your system is, as this point, set up to make figuring that out easy. Your to-dos are organized by priority and placed in categories. You know what to work on, and when. They’re broken into manageable, bite-sized chunks that are easy to start. It’s time to get to work.



  1. Create a new board “Planner”
  2. Add the following lists:

4. Do a brain dump of everything going through your mind right now by making cards in the “Brain Dump / Incoming”

5. Add labels to each card

6. Add “checklist” to each card and clarify the next action steps that need to be taken

7. Move the cards into the appropriate list.

8. Prioritize them by moving them up or down in the list.

9. Start doing the items in your “Do Now / Next Actions” list

10. Revise and review your lists regularly. Do a continuous brain dump of everything in your mind.

2. Bucket List

  1. Create the following lists: (Why we create these lists in particular will become clear when we write our Personal Manifesto)
    1. Death
    2. 80
    3. 70
    4. 60
    5. 50
    6. 40
    7. 30
    8. 20
    9. This Year
  2. Start putting all your ideas / desires / goals into the list ‘Death’ as cards
  3. Make them as specific as you can
  4. Make them visual by adding a picture / photo
  5. If you have a specific timeline in mind, shift the card from ‘Death’ into the appropriate list
  6. If applicable, use the calendar Power-Up and add deadlines to the card

3. Meal Planning


Become Better At Using Trello

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