1. Beatboxing is saying some words in a particular way, fast

2. Learn from FatTony

3. List of Sounds

For a list of all sounds that can be made, their difficulty lesson and YouTube guide, please see /r/beatbox‘s List of Sound Effects:

4. Other Resources


Piano / Keyboard

Basics & Quick Theory

Playing Single Notes

Check out YouCanPlayIt’s Channel on Youtube. Work your way up from ‘Very Easy’, to ‘Easy’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Advanced’.


Classical Era

Romantic Era





Playing Chords

A lot of the pop songs use the same four chords – C, G, Am, F – as is evident from Axis of Awesome’s performance below.

So, to begin with, just learn and practice these four chords – G, D, Em, C (similar to above).

And then play the songs:


Other Resources:

  • Pianu — A new way to learn piano online, interactively. You can use either your computer keyboard (fun but not recommended) or you can attach your MIDI keyboard.
  • To fake-play Piano check out this video.