1. Beatboxing is saying some words in a particular way, fast

2. Learn from FatTony

3. List of Sounds

For a list of all sounds that can be made, their difficulty lesson and YouTube guide, please see /r/beatbox‘s List of Sound Effects:

4. Other Resources



According to my bud, Andy B, the three guitar chords every man should know are G C D.

“You can play darn near anything with those chords (save Taylor Swift songs, cause they always have that dramatic teenage girl angst minor chord thrown in).”

Not only can you play darn near anything with these chords, they’re super simple to play.

Piano / Keyboard

Basics & Quick Theory

Playing Single Notes

Check out YouCanPlayIt’s Channel on Youtube. Work your way up from ‘Very Easy’, to ‘Easy’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Advanced’.


Classical Era

Romantic Era





Playing Chords

A lot of the pop songs use the same four chords – C, G, Am, F – as is evident from Axis of Awesome’s performance below.

So, to begin with, just learn and practice these four chords – G, D, Em, C (similar to above).

And then play the songs:


Other Resources:

  • Pianu — A new way to learn piano online, interactively. You can use either your computer keyboard (fun but not recommended) or you can attach your MIDI keyboard.
  • To fake-play Piano check out this video.